Friends Past Events

Leicester Temple Visit, November 1st 2016

ثنائي إشارات خيارات التداول وإشارات النقد الاجنبى البرمجيات What amazing contrasts! The Hindu Shree Sanatan Mandir (Temple) was sparkling bright with a host of shrines dedicated to various aspects of God through sculptures of figures like Hanuman, Ganga and Ganesh, all adorned in a beautiful marble setting. The Orthodox Jewish Synagogue seemed a more familiar place, the setting more like a church. In the centre was a large pulpit area…

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Friendly Gathering

كم اليوم السهم لبنك وربة The Friends Coffee morning in the Church Hall on Friday 2nd September was a great success. Coffee or tea and cake was the name of the game. Patsy and Janet worked hard at advertising and making the preparations. There was a large selection of delicious cakes from which to choose in some cases making the…

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Sunshine, Saxons and Songs of Evening in Suffolk

الخيارات الثنائية مباراة قدم مكعبة يوميا Early morning on one of the first days of proper summer this year, All Saints Friends and Mothers Union, boarded a fully loaded coach on the last day of June, and headed south eastwards to Bury St Edmunds. The list of potential goodies to see and do there was long, diverse and remarkable. This city…

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Visit to Little Gidding and Steeple Gidding

بنك الانماء الأسهم It was a little damp and cold as we set off towards our destination, Ferrar House Retreat Centre at Little Gidding but a warm welcome awaited with coffee and biscuits in this lovely house. After exchanging greetings with the others who had arrived in separate cars, our host, Andrew Good, the Warden, took us along…

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Visiting Rutland Churches

تجارة الذهب فروكس There’s no doubting that Rutland is a beautiful county, as are the historic churches that often dominate the stone-built locales of quiet, laid-back living that is our heritage. The Friends of All Saints set off on a very cold mid-April morning to enjoy super scenery – and discover the history and mystery of four Rutland churches. Read more…

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