Oakham Sunday School

الخيارات الثنائية تجريبى فتح حساب We are in the happy situation of having a Sunday School which has grown and the ages of the children now cover a larger range. In consequence we have split it into three groups – (1) فوركس الذهب Sunday School for children between 4 and 11 (Primary School age) will meet every Sunday of term times except for third Sunday when it is Family Communion in Church, and they will continue to meet in the Church Hall from 10:30am, joining the congregation at the distribution of Communion. I remain Leader of Sunday School; (2) أربح المال بنشر الإعلانات ASH (All Saints Hub) are the children who are in the first year of Secondary School aged 12/13. They will meet in one of Oakham School’s rooms (to be confirmed), but near the school chapel. Their Leader is Rebecca Falconer so please contact her if you have any questions. They will meet on the second Sunday as a separate group, be in Church for the third Sunday, and meet together with ASK on the fourth Sunday. These children are encouraged to attend church for the first Sunday as they have outgrown Sunday School; (3) The new meaning of drawdown in forex ASK (All Saints Kids) group is for the children older than those already mentioned, and the Leader is Guli Francis-Dehqani. They are encouraged to be in church on first and third Sundays and will meet on second Sunday on their own in the Mayhew Room and on the fourth Sunday with ASH in the Oakham School room. If there are changes, the Leader of your child’s group will let you know. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of children and so grateful to those who teach and help. Thank you to you all.

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