أربح المال دون فعل أى شئ teigh_smallHoly Trinity is the parish church for the tiny village of Teigh (population just over 40). It is set in a lovely location, with views across miles of pasture to the west, and the elegant Georgian Rectory (used by the BBC for its adaptation of Pride and Prejudice) to the east.

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اسعار الذهب اليوم في السعودية بيع teigh_interior_smallThe church is highly unusual. The tower is all that remains of the medieval church, following a disastrous fire in the 18th-century. Entering the main body of the church, visitors find a light, airy interior with pews arranged facing each other along the north and south walls, in the style of a college chapel. On the west wall is a triple-decker reading-desk / pulpit with an extraordinary trompe d’oeil window painted onto the wall behind it. Above the altar at the east end is a painting of the Last Supper from the school of Otto van Veen.

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مؤشر مدرب خيار ثنائي تحميل Visitors very welcome to join our small but faithful congregation.

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